Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to CapitalCar.in, we help you to search on your favorite car model and also help you to know car finance and insurance. The domain name www.capitalcar.in is owned by Manoj Jain, who is an owner and founder of Capital Car. In our terms and condition, “We”, “Us”, and “Our” refer to Capital Car whereas “You” and “Yours” refer to users.


  • By using our website, you agree with our terms and conditions. Before visiting our website kindly go through the terms and conditions of the Capital Car, please read our terms and conditions very carefully because it is a legally binding agreement between you and us. All the details related to website or company, including privacy policy is part of T&C. By accessing this website in any manner, you are bound by our T&C. We may change T&C and other website details time by time.
  • At present, our T&C details exclusively apply to those users who directly make a relationship with Capital Car.
  • The details which appear on our website are just for the information purpose only. Whatever the information is uploaded in the site including material and parts that are provided by our third parties for which we are not responsible and won't be reviewed as well. We would like to clear it with you there is no guarantee and warranty on any material, products, and parts and you shouldn’t rely on it without proper verification.


  • Capital Car helps users and allows them to advertise their vehicle on the website and will showcase it in replace of some amount. We will also work on content and publish it on our website for used cars and a second-hand car.
  • We maintain all authority to briefly confine access to the site if specialized technical reasons. This may become a bit problem to access or showcase ad. at that moment.

Buying and Selling Vehicles

  • Kindly read Capital Car carefully before dealing with us regarding purchasing a car. If you have any doubts then you can clear it from the seller without any hesitation because that’s your valuable expensive decision. If you find any kind of problem while dealing or felt cheated, then Capital Car is not responsible for that and also does not guarantee at all.
  • The second-hand cars and used cars listed on our website will not be purchased from any dealers or brokers it is mainly purchased by individuals only. This kind of act and purchasing is totally against our T&C and its direct violation of our rules. Dealers and Brokers are free to contact us for purchasing any car.
  • Entry of Vehicles
    • We offer many options for sellers on our website and for other information you can call us.
    • To enlist your car for sale on Capital Car, you require id documents and contact details.
    • Seller would be responsible for his product details.
    • You would be allowed to use email to contact those people who respond to you or shows interests in your listed vehicle so that you can easily communicate with them.


  • Users are free to advertise for the cars only otherwise you will be removed for irrelevant ads.
  • Users should submit correct details about the vehicle. We wouldn’t be responsible for any kind of damage or false information.
  • Users can use images with their ads. This image represents the vehicle at the sale. Neither we have had any impression on these images nor we will be accountable for their content.
  • The content of the ads. should be under the law and regulations of India.
  • Car Capital never endorses ads. in terms of quality. So the user will be the responsible person for the content of the ad.
  • We deny all warranty and liability for the compliance of ad. and in case a transaction resulting from the ad. do not take place respectively.

User Content

  • In our website, users can upload relevant data such as reviews or ratings of their vehicles sourced from different sources (offline or online) and which depends on our Terms and Conditions and also on the terms of the condition of the third party from where the data is sourced.
  • Total responsibility is of the user while using interactive areas and whatever uploaded are his views solely and not of COMPANY and other users considering that as a benchmark are doing it on their risk and it is not of COMPANIES risk.
  • When uploading something on the website, please ensure below things are not uploaded.
  • Copyright material of any type unless the user who is uploading owns it.
  • Material objectionable to any person, caste, creed, society, religion or any kind of data which violates the law.
  • Data that comes under already copyrighted materials or is subjected to any of the rights such as the right of privacy, the right of publicity for that matter.
  • Any Obscene Data.
  • Any Data containing Virus or any error causing software.
  • Data which reveals personal details leading to privacy violation.
  • Any kind of links or messages which are unrelated to post and which are considered to be of spam in nature.
  • Data leading to unregistered advertisements
  • Data related to unlawful activities.
  • Any other data which would lead to the following:
  • Obstruct working of our website
  • Any data which may provide back door entry to the user uploading that Data.
  • Downloading of data containing other user details without their permission.
  • Restricting access of other users.
  • Using another person’s username and password or sharing them with others who may do the same on the website.
  • Anybody found violating would have his /her access to our website denied and OUR COMPANY and the website could any time access your communications, postings, ratings, reviews, contents and take relevant decisions if the situations arise and also not responsible for any data uploaded by any customer or website user.

Other Contents

We ensure all the data uploaded by use is true to the best of our knowledge however we would not be responsible if any issues arise as a consequence of a decision taken, based on our data.

Compensation for Loss

The User take full onus of any issue arises from the data uploaded by him and will compensate for loss monetary or otherwise faced ny the Website due to his actions.

Advertisements Guidelines

We would delete the advertisement of the the product once we think it is sold and would ask the users to do the same once their product is sold.

Searching of Relevant Product

Interested users can search for their product only in the search option available in the website and any changes made in the coding or in the configuration of the search option could attract prosecution from the COMPANY.


Under any unforeseeable circumstances, we are not liable to perform and would not entertain any claims whatsoever.

Deletion of Account

We as a Website can delete or restrict your access to our website if you are found in

  • Any kind of agreement violation or
  • If we get request from law enforcement agency
  • If you are found indulged in unlawful activitys
  • Issues concerning our website and as well as other users data

The decision would be taken by our website and we are not liable to any issues arising after deletion of your accounts.

Copyright Issues

Any data of the website including logos and all the data of the displayed product is copyright protected and cannot be used by third party whereas the data uploaded by the different website users are the property of the website user.

Severability Clause

In any given point of time, clauses mentioned in these terms and condition becomes irrelevant or in effective then new set of laws would be bought in picture and this would in no way change the remaining terms and condition.

Court Jurisdiction

All Terms and Conditions are governed by laws of India and Maharashtra, and only courts of Nagpur will have jurisdiction.